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Need Voucher in oucher PDF file


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    How i can add Voucher code in PDF Voucher. PDF Voucher generate his own Voucher Code. It is not the same in WC.

    I wrote following Question to Woocommerce PDF Voucher Support:

    Qusetion: I use 'Kupon' Template and 'WC Vendors' plugin. They generate a Voucher Code for a Deal. But how can i add this code to PDF Voucher? There is no Shortcode for this in PDF Template. I hoped that PDF Voucher plugin would take the same Voucher code, but it generate a uniq one with the Name of the Customer. ORDER ID....etc. I have marked in attachment with Yellow Marker wish Voucher code i need. I have not understand why PDF Voucher generate a own uniq Voucher Code and not take the one of the Deal.

    Ans: PDF Voucher is an addon for Woocommerce and it's functionality is to generate Voucher Code when any product get bought in WC. PDF Voucher is not set compatible with Kupon theme and it is not functionality of PDF Voucher to use codes generated from deals.

    1 ) Anyhow, is 'Kupon' generate the Voucher code or 'WC Vendor' Plugin?

    2 ) Is there any hook to implement the Voucher Code to PDF Voucher?

    3) Or is it possible to deactivate automatic generation of Voucher Code in WC, so that we only have one Voucher Code from 'Woocommerce Voucher PDF' Plugin

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    Andrey replied


    1) voucher generated by AZEXO Vouchers plugin

    2) voucher generated in this function azv_payment_complete - you can take what you need

    3) yes just deactivate AZEXO Vouchers plugin